Who We Are


What We Do

Contributing to Canada`s Quality of Life principles.

Globally aligning with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Responding to the inverse care law and reaching beneficiaries.

Cultivating knowledge on the impact of accessible oral healthcare.

Evidence-based learning on the effects of well-being for beneficiaries.

Initializing a Human Rights Based Approach (HRBA) with stakeholders.

Creating opportunity for dentistry professionals to build up their skills.


To contribute to quality of life in Canada, by enhancing access to oral healthcare​.


The provision of oral healthcare to marginalized people in Ontario, alongside promoting equity in access to oral healthcare and influencing public policy.


Mindfulness, Commitment, Empathy, Quality, Learning, Simplicity


Our Story

Get to Know Us
The Tooth Corner Cares is a non-profit organization, founded by Dr. Hassan El-Awour, an established dental surgeon, practicing for more than 20 years now. Dr. El-Awour is teaching at the University of Toronto, the founder of Dentistry of Future, Hopes for Women, also serving on the Board of the Canadian Scientific Exchange Program, to say the least.
As a duty-bearer, Dr. El-Awour’s vision is an impactful response to unmet oral healthcare needs! With socio-economic status being the key factor in unmet oral health needs, he is focusing on serving those who do not have dental coverage as well as earning a low income. His heartfelt vision is aligned with the shared responsibility of the dentistry network.
The program is managed by Lina Zakout, a humanitarian who holds a master’s degree in international cooperation and development. Her background includes having overlooked developmental and humanitarian programs, from a monitoring and evaluation perspective. Her beneficiary-centric approach drives the mission of the organization, recognizing that oral healthcare is a basic human right.